Pay to enter, pray to leave!


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The question for you to ask yourself is:

Do you dare to wander through a dark haunted woods?

Are you willing to have the cold night air fill your lungs, not being able to stop shivering?

Are you willing to realize that it may not be the cold that is making you shiver?

As the hair on the back of your neck suddenly stands up as your heart begins to pound. As you try to calm yourself you hear something rushing behind and in front of you, but you can’t see anything. Your heart starts to beat uncontrollably and your breathing is now becoming more labored. It’s too late to turn back now.

You’re now stuck in the middle of 13 acres of the most Unstable, horrifying, menacing, ghostly demon ghouls. Hiding behind every tree and lurking around every corner of the most feared haunted woods in central Wisconsin.

There is a place, far worse than any nightmare, and it’s now open to the public.

Welcome to Terror Trail®!


Most indoor haunted houses take place in 40 to 65,000 square foot buildings; Terror Trail spans over 566,280 square feet of terror and fear, some that we have created for you and some that we didn’t have a thing to do with!

The management of Terror Trail feels a responsibility to issue this fair warning: This tour presents a glimpse into one of our greatest common fears — that of death and what lies beyond. Some of you will be thrilled. Many will be shocked. But most of you will just be horrified.

This adventure is not for the faint of heart… With over ½ of a mile of winding trails and mesmerizing “points of interest”, this haunt is THREE times as long as the average haunted house. Not only do we welcome you to try your luck in the beginning of our trail, but your ticket also gives you access through the Forest where the mansion once stood. With blood curdling scares and horrific sights the terror trail will be something that you soon won’t forget!

Terror Trail®

“Some of the Terror Trail Crew”


NOTE: Terror Trail® is NOT recommended for children under 13, but is open to all ages at the parents discretion.

Located at W5893 Chicago Ave Wautoma Wi 54982 Phone (920)744-5221

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