Pay to enter, pray to leave!

About Us


Terror Trail® is operated by volunteers and funded by Security Services Of Wisconsin.  All workers of the trail are volunteers and are not paid for the work that is put into the trail.  Security Services Of Wisconsin officially started the trail in 2003 to help aid in the county’s non profit organizations such as Waushara County D.A.R.E.,Crime Stoppers Inc., and the K9 program, American Cancer Research Foundation and other non profit organizations.  All of the proceeds that we raise from the trail are donated to not for profit organizations.  We are 100% not for  profit, and intend to stay that way.

     Terror Trail® receives most of the props from donations in and around the area.  We are grateful for all the donations that we receive and the hours of work that our volunteers put into the trail each year.  Thank you all, we could never do it without you.

Below are a few shots of some of the volunteers who work in our wooded trail.  We have a lot of fun seeing our guest scared out of their minds, and yes we love to do it. 


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WARNING: You may experience vulgar language, intense visual, lighting, strobes, and special effects under extreme conditions.
This attraction is not recommended for individuals with heart problems, who are pregnant, have respiratory problems, who suffer from claustrophobia or anxiety attacks. Sorry our wooded trail is not handicap accessible.

Terror Trail® reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone. You will not be admitted if you have on any kind of open shoe or if you appear intoxicated or under the influence of narcotics.
Terror Trail® reserves the right to eject any person for any reason.

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