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Hi y’all my husband and I were there with our adult kids on October 26th and seriously had thee greatest time, the staff was AMAZING and I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun. I’m older and disabled but managed just fine. MR. Pull my finger, lol made it extra special and we had a blast. Lol we were the only ones there at that time and the monsters all escorted us to our car lol the awesome man leading the show that night took a picture of me hugging Michael Myers and I was wondering if I could please get a copy of that picture. I was the old lady yelling “oh boy!” “Oh God!” and “oh shit!” Lmao I had Mr pull my finger imitating me 😂😜. We even danced. Lol 😂 Could I please get a copy of that picture, I’d really appreciate it a lot. Thank you ALL for doing what you do, it was amazing!!! God willing, I’ll be back next year. Thank you.  Sheryl K.

I came to see you guys last night with my girlfriend Casey it was her first time there and you guys did an amazing job scaring the shit outta her. I think she even peed a lil. lol thanks for a great scare Facebook user:  Vicky L.

Great place for a couple hours of fun and scares. The staff are awesome! Facebook user: Felica K.

Great volunteers and props! Most of the props were right out of what nightmares are made of. The volunteers were really into it; I’ve never been to something quite like it where they talk to you, got in your face and grab at you! Surprising to me that the place wasn’t packed…we got there right when it opened expecting to wait in a crazy long line and were only 3rd ones there! Facebook user: Danielle W.

If you’re looking for a good scare this is the place!! My Fitbit logged this as exercise my heart rate was so high when we finally got through it. We have been talking about it non stop since going through tonight. WELL worth your time if you’re looking for a really good scare. It was non stop jumps and screams the whole time. I was scared of the woods before. Now I’m terrified. Facebook user: Kathy C.

Great time! Went tonight, we were the only ones here so the actors were very focused on scaring us. We were chased by a couple of actors throughout the trail and one was yelling our names most of the time. Very well set up in a way where you never knew what was coming. We came all the way from De Pere yet it was well worth the drive. Thank you to all the volunteers who made this such a fun time, we’ll be back!  Facebook user: Noah P.

Had a great time first time going to a haunted house/ trail. Very good. Actors can touch you but you cant touch them. Very nice Facebook user: Tyler S.

Best haunted house I’ve been to in a while. The girls I was with screamed and ran through the whole time. Will be coming back next year.  Facebook user: Marissa R.


Your trail is the best, and thank you for letting me and my boyfriend in for free, its so nice and thoughtful to think of military men and woman. We had a real good time and will be sure to tell our friends all about you guys.


We went to the Terror Trail Saturday night around 9:30.  We were entertained by the security man at the front door, we went inside and it was right away that all of the scares began.  We are in aw on just how interactive this haunt is.  The workers are scary in so many ways, they do not break the act even when someone in your group begins to freak out.   I have been to 9 haunts this year and I have to say Terror Trail is by far one of the best indoor / outdoor haunts I’ve seen in many years hands down.  I am more than happy to say we will be telling everyone about this trail as it is simply the best, from start to finish they will keep you on the move.  Pam & Bill S. Green Bay Wi.

Terror Trail……. First I HATE CLOWNS.. HATE em,  Your clowns are evil and I have no idea how so many people can have chainsaws in such a little room. I arrived thinking that this was just going to be another haunted house but it was anything but the normal.  I will be back on Halloween night with some of my friends.  Tammy Q.  Berlin Wi.`

Well worth the money, they make you crawl and they have people all over that chase you down.  They do touch so be warned.  Amanda C. Oshkosh Wi.


Awesome, frightening, unpredictable, and an adrenaline rush that made me throw up on the side of the trail! Thanks to the scary guy in the camouflage that continued to scare us along the whole trail, by our car, and as we drove away on the road! A great haunted house experience! Well done!  Heather H. Milwaukee Wi.



We were at the Terror trail tonight and we were so scared, they touch you and chase you. This is the best indoor and outdoor haunt I have seen in years. Be warned I think they have 5 people with chain saws that WILL chase you. Melanie J. Oshkosh Wi.


Too many chainsaws, too many clowns and too many wet pants on the way home. We will be back next weekend with a few of our friends who have to see this place. Dave Wi. 

Your trail is the best, and thank you for letting me and my boyfriend in for free, its so nice and thoughtful to think of military men and woman. We had a real good time and will be sure to tell our friends all about you guys!


Hi, your trail is really haunted. I was grabbed three times and no one was their. My sister also had her hair pulled and nothing was around us. We did not be leave that the new area was haunted, but now we know it is or you have some real cool tricks. I love the terror trail. Missy Jo M. Appleton Wi

Terror Trail is well worth the drive and the money. We were so scared out in that woods. Randy

You guys put a lot of time into your trail. We had a good time Saturday night. With the fog and the sounds of people walking in the woods it was just a great set up. We did not see any ghosts but did hear the sounds of people walking next to us, however we did not see anything so we are thinking it was sound from speakers. Anyways I just thought I would say great job, well worth it. Tammy S. Waupaca Wi.

I think the Terror Trail is set up good, your actors are great. This was my first time to the trail 😉 I’m going to come back on the 27th with some more friends. Amanda R. Berlin WI

Get rid of them damn clowns…….


WOW A+++++ Terror Trail is huge now. You guys still rock. Thanks Mike C. Waupaca Wi `

U really need to get rid of the clowns.. then i wouldn’t have to pee my pants.. it was good.. just the clowns are the things u really need to get rid of…..but GREAT trail!!! Nicholle Oshkosh, WI Myself and a bunch of my friends came through your trail last weekend looking to be scared. You and your crew did a great job at doing so. I was unpleased with the panic bus and the lady who was running it, we watched her yelling at some of the ghouls helping out while we were waiting in line. Other then that great job guys. Hope to see you guys again next year! Teresa, Wisconsin .

My “friend” and I traveled up from the Baraboo area to confront our deepest and darkest fears. I must say, even though we went in expecting to be scared, nothing could have prepared us for this frightening experience. Armed with the knowledge that ghouls lurked in the night, we were still eerily surprised by their tactics. An overall treat brought about by their tricks. Fun. Fun. Fun. Josh Randall Madison Wi

My friend and I live in Neenah and we drove to Terro Trail last night. We look for the scarest of haunted houses or places every year. We are not the kind that scare easly, so we expand are searches more and more every year. Terror Trail was worth the drive, and the price. Two thumbs up from us, we highly recommend it next year.


Asskicking trail guys. Waupaca Wi.


Hi I think what you guys are doing is real nice. Your Halloween trail is so scary. It’s nice of you all to help people in need. Thank you and keep you the good work. We were all scared out of our minds. Wi. .

Kick A** job. Sweet fire by your witch. Scott Berlin, WI. . This trail rocks. We went through Sat Oct 17th. We stood in line about 35 minutes before we got to go in. We had a blast hearing all the screams as we waited. Once we got inside they had this fortuneteller who creped us out in a way. When we left her area all hell broke loose. The people on the tables are real be warned. The doctor guy is really crazy, after we finally got out side we ran. We were chased into a clown room where I about lost my mind. We were chased by chain saws. The hole trail is set up so good. It’s almost like you become a part of it all. It’s so hard to explained, you just have to see it for yourself. I will say a warning to you, if it looks fake it’s probably real. Great job guys. Crystal B. Stevens Point Wi. .

Past scary, we were their tonight and they do an ass-kicking job. Cold as hell but well worth it. Tina M. Wisconsin .

Hi just would like to say great job. The trail is so long now. You guys love what you do and it shows. Keep up the good work. Amanda K. Green Bay, Wi

~~~~~~~~~~~~From the “08” haunt ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Awesome trail!!! By the time we were done, we were out of breath from screaming and running. Great job!! Just wish it would have lasted a little longer though. We will be back next year for more!! Thanks Kathy, Stevens Point, WI

Saturday a large group of friends and I visited your Terror Trail. We were all really pleased! It was everything we hoped for, and so much more! Thank you so much for the scare, and keep up the great work! Happy Halloween, Jeani and Tessa Neshkoro, Wi. . Hi we were through last night it was cold as hell but worth it. I have not jumped so much in a long time. I know why you guys don’t have the trail longer as no one would be going home with dry pants on. Peace (Unsigned) Waupaca, Wi. .

Hello Trail guys, We went through your trail Sunday night. Panic bus was not as good as we thought it would be. We were told you guys are still working on it. As for the trail well again hats off and great job, we loved the morgue room and that crazy doctor from last year. We were wondering that other doctor guy with the bushy hair, is that the crazy doctors brother?? He is a lot like him so we think they have to be related. They act alike and all, let us know. That girl on the bed, well she is good to. The clown room rocked, though I don’t like clowns. In the cemetery you have some awesome voice system we need that at our haunt. The rest of the trail was sweet. You guys put a lot into it and it shows. See you next year… Kandy S. Stevens Point WI. .

We had a blast! Screamed and jumped so much that by the end of the trail we had hoarse voices and heart conditions we didn’t have prior to the trail! Would absolutely recommend this trail to anyone looking for that perfect Halloween function. Melissa Adams, WI

~~~~~~~~~~~~From the “07” haunt ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hi terror guys, We work a haunted attraction that we thought was scary. Its nothing compared to what you guys have. You guys are good. We thought your comments were doctored, we did not think terror trail was that intense but we thought wrong. We will be back Saturday with a few more of our friends. Thanks for having the trail open in November. Great job. Kandy S. Stevens Point WI. ‘

Hey guys, Just wanted to say your trail kicks ass. We came from Green Bay well worth the drive. We took 41 to Hwy 10 then cut off on 49 to 21. It saved almost 1 full hour. I think you should put that in your web page some ware as the map that you guys have says its over 2 hours. Just a thought, but anyways your trail is the best. Thanks Adam K. Green Bay Wi.

The Terror Trail was so worth the drive and money. They like scared us so much and every ware we turned they were like right their. Super scary… I’m telling all my friends. Ann Q. Wisconsin Dells Wi. ‘

I just wanted to thank you guys for letting me and Andrea help out if my mom will let me I will be down there this weekend to help out again – Megan K. Hurley, Wisconsin ‘

Hi I just wanted to say your the best outside haunt we ever seen. We got chased down the road by some nut in a black cape. It was great. Sara and Tanya Appleton WI. ‘

Thanks guys, we all had to ride home with wet pants.. lol yes we all pissed ourselves. Thanks again. You guys rock…. Ashley C. Tammy K. Vanessa W. Stevens Point Wi. ‘

Hey guys, we still think your trail rocks. Last year was awesome but this year was the best so far. Kevin R. Princeton, Wi. ‘ great trail guys, this year is the best one yet. We love your trail. Peace. Deb and Todd Oshkosh, Wi.

I just wanted to say neat job. Ashley P. Green Lake Wi.

~~~~~~~~~~~~From the “06” haunt ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Great job. Every part of your trail was great. We were their on the 14th and last night ’30th. It was well worth it. Thanks see you next year. Sandy and David R. Green Lake WI. .

My girl friend pissed her pants twice. LOL she said she was never so scared in her life. Your defiantly in the top 10. Robert J. Appleton WI. .

Damn, your trail rocks. We drove over 2 hours to find it, and it was well worth it. We went threw it two times and some how we like got totally turned around the second time and went back into the same room, it was sweet. That eyeball soup was neat. We loved every minute of it. Peace guys. Tammy and Randy K. Madison WI. .

WOW we were here last year and thought you were the best, this year we know you guys are. That first room messed with all of us. Nice touch with the bright lights. Will be back next year for sure. Have a great year guys. David J. Oshkosh, Wi. .

Hey guys, great job again. That first room messes with you. How we came into the same room two times I will never know. Great job! Will be back again. Kevin R. Princeton, Wi.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ From the “05” Haunt ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Holy F*** guys, your trail rocks big time. That guy in the first room is a damn good actor or he really is a psycho case were not sure. We loved your trail the set up and everything. Its the best out of the 14 we were at this year. Well worth the 5 bux. thanks dudes. Kevin R & Terri W. Ripon, Wisconsin .

Ok you guys are damn good I will say that but when someone is on the ground screaming and about ready to pass out you need to back off. My sister is messed up because of your trail. We were there Friday 10/28/05 and your spook guys chased us right into my car. Yeah its good to scare but I think you guys went way to overboard with it. Matt C. Appleton, Wisconsin .

Boy i never seen anything so scary in my life until i saw terror trail last weekend. It was so fun and scary you guys did an awesome job. i loved when we first came in the guy was standing there waiting that was the best part and everything was cool but any way i just wanted to say how nice it was and i will defiantly be back next year for some more action take care. Kevin R. Princeton, Wi. Nice job. The terror trail really scared me and my mom. I did’nt think I would get that scared but I guess it worked. Real good job. Andrea G. Redgranite, Wisconsin . The rain sucked, but it was worth it. Allen K. Oshkosh, Wisconsin .

Thanks guys, I had to ride home with a girl who not only puked some on her arm but she also shit her pants. Her name is Christy D**** from Appleton Wisconsin, please post this as a way to get back at her from us. The trail rocked, were going to come back Halloween night. U guys are F***ing good. Mike T. Neenah Wi. .

Your Trail is the best we have seen in a long time.. It is well worth the drive from Green Bay, you have our terror attraction beat by far. Great Job! Mark J. Green Bay Wisconsin .

Wow great job guys. I’m hard to scare and you got me. The trail is well set up and your spook guys do a ass kicking job. I want to work for you, can you email me so I know how to apply? Dan S. Wild Rose, Wisconsin .

Great job, I wish the trail was longer but it was great anyways. I can say I have never been chased to my car before by a chain saw guy. I’ll be back to see it in 2 weeks. Thanks Tina and Rob Appleton, Wisconsin

Holy shit is all I can say. Will be back this year. Were not sure what more you can do to make it better as we were scared shitless. Paul K. Berlin, Wisconsin .

You guys have Terror on the Fox beat by far. Great job! Lee F. Oshkosh, Wisconsin

This is the best haunt I’ve ever seen. Brent G. Oshkosh, Wisconsin `

Hey trail dudes, I just wanted to let you guys know we were here last year and thought your trail haunt was the best we have seen in a long ass time as we were scared, this year you got us more. My girl Tammy pissed herself. LOL You guys f***ing rock!! Allen H. Omro Wi. .

Wow, great job guys. it was worth the drive from Appleton. LOL your first chainsaw guy did not get us because we heard him, but the other one, DAMN… I’ll be telling all my friends about you. Jerry K. Appleton WI. .

Your trail was real good, we were about to leave because it was taking so long for you guys to open it. I’m glad we stayed you got us all. Where do you get all the gross body stuff from? We would love to work on your trail to if you need help let us know. You can call or email us. (920) 236- . Linda and Tom G. Oshkosh WI. .

Nice very nice. We all were scared and I can see how people can piss them self’s, 2 chainsaws guys yeah ummm well awesome job guys, P.S. that devil chick is damn fine, she single?? Robby, Rich, Scott and Jeff Waupaca, WI.

WARNING:You may experience vulgar language, intense visual, lighting, strobes, and special effects under extreme conditions. This attraction is not recommended for individuals with heart problems, who are pregnant, have respiratory problems, who suffer from claustrophobia or anxiety attacks. Sorry our wooded trail is not handicap accessible.


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